Meet Geoff and Gina Apel

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Geoff and Gina are currently serving in the Burmese Group at the hall we will be attending. They absolutely blew us away with their hospitality! They volunteered to pick us up from the airport right when we landed and were eager to make us feel more than comfortable. They brought us by a hotel that a brother owns that we’ll be staying at until we get more permanent living. We then dropped off our luggage and changed into service gear. We ate some lunch and went straight into the ministry; Andrew and I both placed our first literature in Burmese, we were so excited! They gave us some phrases to commit to memory in both languages and we tried to greet everyone we came across. It was an amazing experience! We finished the day off with some sightseeing and dinner back at their place.


Before making their way to Phuket, they we serving in a congregation in Chang Mia, a considerable city in northern Thailand. Geoff was a math professor at a university in Chicago. I’m not sure what Gina did for work, but she’s Korean and had no connection to this area previously. All in all, I think they said they have been in Thailand for about 8 months but by the way they conversed with the natives in the ministry we would’ve never guessed! Andrew and I are hoping to study the language extremely diligently to be as effective as possible in the shortest amount of time with Jehovah’s assistance.

This morning we went for a quick stroll around 6:30 am to get a feel of the area and grab something for breakfast. All I can say is WOW! We are continually being blown away by the absolute beauty of this country. It feels so unreal. Jehovah is the grandest creator and artist! We got situated in our room and are going to look at our possible living arrangements this afternoon as well as options for transportation.

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One thought on “Meet Geoff and Gina Apel

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have such an amazing Brotherhood that no matter where we go in the world there are friends waiting to welcome us!!!!!

    We’re so excited to continue hearing about your spiritual adventures.

    Warm Hugs,
    Steve, Darlene, Meems and Sara

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