Adventures in the Ministry


Service with the friends is always a special treasure and time most well spent!  This last Sunday was no exception.  After an hour motorbike ride to the northern part of the island, we met up with the darling White family and our new friends Brother and Sister Hamabata.  From there we led our pack of bikes down a road that led us into the lush jungled hills of north Phuket Island.  Brave Sister White and 2 of her children (Eleanor and Dane) all shared the same bike and navigated through the windy tropical roads with precision and skill!  We were impressed by her loving determination to keep her dear family busy in the ministry.  Great job Sheryl!  And what gems her young ones truly are.  They speak Thai and preach like seasoned veterans and have such depth in their comments and the way they speak about Jehovah.  We were encouraged indeed!


Brother and Sister Hamabata take the lead in the Burmese group here and are doing a wonderful job.  They led us all to a series of Burmese refugee communities in the hills.  Upon arriving, we found some of the most incredibly humble people that you can possibly meet in the world today.  We stepped our way around the free roaming chickens and made our way through the little communities of tin roofed rooms placing literature and advertising  These precious people love the Bible and accept our modest attempts to try to help them spiritually.  May Jehovah bless this ministry and help them to know Him!


After we finished, little Eleanor strapped on her pink bicycle helmet (so adorable!) and joined her family in leading Keenan and I back to the main road.  All in all, it was a special day.  Jehovah is still drawing people of all sorts to share in our same wonderful hope!  What a privilege to be there for the assist…




2 thoughts on “Adventures in the Ministry

  1. Very well written. I didn’t really catch the fact it was you writing Andrew, until the Keenan reference, and then it clicked. It’s funny how you can recognize a person just by the way they put words together. It’s like a mini tv series for me. I keep checking the blog to see when the next episode will be up, haha.

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