Staying busy brings Joy

When you think of Thailand, you probably think of the beautiful scenery and the plentiful amount of recreational options. While this is in fact true, the more you stay here the more you understand that true joy comes from being fully involved in Jehovah’s work. Andrew and I came out here with the intention of working hard in the ministry and in the congregation. Now that we’re settled in, we’ve been trying hard to align our schedules with these goals. Once we got into a routine that was really centered around these two things, we can both say that there is no better joy. Andrew and I are constantly in amazement at our current situations in life. We have a meaningful ministry, beautiful friends, enjoyable and beneficial recreation. Matthew 6:33 has really proven true and continues to be more and more true as we finely adjust our schedules. It’s not to say that serving where the need is great doesn’t come without it’s challenges. In a later post, I will talk about the many challenges associated with moving and serving in a foreign country. Until then, check out some photos from the past couple of weeks.



3 thoughts on “Staying busy brings Joy

  1. We do miss you and feel a void in our congregation, but we are at the same time so happy you are doing all these amazing things for Jehovah. Keep up the great work of preaching and at the same time stay true to yourself. Stay safe younger Brother.

  2. So happy to hear you’re truly enjoying you’re new spiritual adventure. We look forward seeing more. Even though we miss you, we are happy that we can share you with others in the worldwide brotherhood.
    We know that you will continue to bring Jehovah praise in this new journey.
    Jim, Joyce, and Susie.

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