Meet Some Friends! (Part 2)


I would like to introduce you all to the beautiful Chanparamate family. This wonderful family has been nothing but encouraging to Andrew and I since we arrived around 4 months ago. Yes, it’s been that long already can you believe it!? Teera and his wife Rudewan live with their daughter Arissa (green glasses) and Marissa their niece. They live in our local Mu Ban, about 2 minutes walking distance. They have had us over for dinner more times then I can remember and are always more than willing to assist us with anything we could possibly need. Rudewan lends us her car when it’s raining, buys us clothes that we don’t even ask for and rides to our house on a bicycle with food sometimes at 9pm. She has a beautiful disposition about life and has the greatest personality. Her broken thai accent when she speaks english is priceless. Arissa is in school and Marissa works full time, but they are always out in service on Sundays with their parents. Teera, in our minds, can easily be likened to a patriarch. He works full time, serves as the secretary, loves to ride his bike to stay in shape and loves his family like a true father should. All in all, we are incredibly grateful to know this family and look forward to the wonderful memories ahead. These are some pictures from last nights dinner at their house. We ate food that Marissa and Rudewan prepared and then helped them with their English greetings for the upcoming special convention in Chiang Mai.




3 thoughts on “Meet Some Friends! (Part 2)

  1. How incredible to have this family as one of your neighbors. I feel happy inside knowing that people like this are part of your everyday life. Give them hugs from me and thank them for treating you with such warmth and kindness.

  2. This is what the Christian Brotherhood is all about. We love it when you mention making wonderful memories. These “meet some friends” sections of your adventures are truly the best. We don’t feel you are so far away knowing our brothers are taking care of you both. Helping them learn English greetings is priceless! Give them our Christian love. I’m sure we will meet them all someday in the near future.

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