Meet Some Friends (Part 3)- We Ate Burritos!


Let me introduce to you all to the Krishna’s! The Krishna’s have been serving in the English congregation for the past 4 years and are originally from Canada. When we first got here, we realized Jehovah had blessed us once again. These guys fully understand our English, our food tastes and our silly American humor; we are constantly laughing!

What we value about the Krishna’s goes beyond these things though. Shortly after we arrived, and about an hour after they had us over for dinner for the first time, their house got severely flooded. It filled their house with about a 3 feet of water, seemingly ruining their beautiful house. What impressed us was the fact that they seemed unfazed! Even though their car and motorcycle didn’t work, their house was knee deep in water, and their backyard was absolutely wrecked, they basically responded by saying, “Jehovah will provide, they are just material things.” They backed up their words by leaving to Bangkok for a week to attend pioneer school, while their house was still a mess. Even though it was a stressful event, we all seemed to bond over this seemingly difficult situation. Some of our best memories with the Krishna’s have been from cleaning and fixing up their house.

This past Thursday they had us over for a delicious Mexican dinner. I didn’t think that one of the main things I would miss from back home would be food, but let me tell you, when you’re eating noodles, curry and soup every day, you will. The dinner gave us all an opportunity to touch base with each other and spend time with ones from different congregations/groups.

James and Katie just came back from a trip to Japan and England (their home). In the process, they picked op Katie’s younger brother Olie. Olie plans to stay in the Thai congregation for the next 6 months and learn the language.

Lauren and Pia are currently serving in the Burmese group and are about 17 weeks into the language course approved and overseen by the branch. They are both from Australia and this dinner was really the first time that we got to spend with them. They both have a great sense of humor and a love for the ministry.

Shannon, Hailey and Arielle are from Canada. Andrew and I recently met them last week as they have been traveling around Thailand. They have been joining us in Thai service frequently and have been surprising us with their abilities in their newly learned Thai. They have been cracking us up with their unique personalities and stories. Even though they will all be leaving sometime in the near future, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing them again very soon.




One thought on “Meet Some Friends (Part 3)- We Ate Burritos!

  1. We knew burritos would make it in eventually. More and more friends. The way you describe them makes them so real to us. The brotherhood just grows and grows!

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