The Gift of Film

Film is something special. Every shot you take is stored in your camera, hidden in the darkness until the day it gets developed. Often, it will be stored in your camera for so long that you’ll forget whats there. There is this feeling of anticipation and mystery when you send your roll into the shop. Did it come out properly? If it did, what lost memories were locked inside? In this way it’s a gift; 36 little gifts to be particular.

Since I arrived in Phuket, I haven’t been shooting because I couldn’t find a shop. That was until last week, when I came across a camera shop during evening witnessing. Apparently, it’s the only place in all of Phuket to process film in shop, and it’s close to my house! He successfully hand-processed my film, even though it was pushed 2 stops. I thought I would share these little gifts with you all, it’s a blend of old memories from California with new Phuket memories.



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