Photo Update

Things have been busy up here in Thalang. We have around 20-25 people in attendance for Sunday meetings and Andrew and I have been getting more and more parts which has been both exciting and scary. We’ve grown closer and closer with the friends and at this point it feels like nothing short of an actual family. Many of the young ones are striving toward good goals and the ministry/activity in Thalang has been excellent.  Two of the young bros that we’re really close to have started auxiliary pioneering this month with the eventual goal to help with Kingdom Hall construction. We’re super proud of them and have enjoyed spending time with them in service. Andrew and I are also getting more comfortable getting studies started and conversing both with the locals and the brothers and sisters (we still have a looong way to go still though haha).

At first, it was really difficult to get close to the friends because of the language barrier, but at this point we feel like our language skills have reached a point were we can actually have somewhat meaningful conversations with the friends. This has been super exciting! We can now start to understand their personalities to a greater extend which makes it a lot more enjoyable and draw closer to them as friends. As a result of this, getting together with them for fun activities is more common place now and this has brought us a lot of joy.

Our new place above the Kingdom Hall has proven to be an incredible blessing. We both currently have our own room and bathroom and everything is a lot cleaner and more comfortable than the previous location. It feels great to be able to have a place where you are truly comfortable after a long day, so we’re super thankful. We look forward to what’s in store for Thalang and constantly talk about how wonderful it is to be a part of something like this. If you ever feel like visiting us here in Thalang, please do!


2 thoughts on “Photo Update

  1. Oh!! so good to have an update! And a good one. So glad you are in a nicer location…and above the Kingdom Hall, how cool. Happy you are well. You look healthy and vibrant, both of you.

  2. I’m so proud of you guys 👏 It’s obvious you’re very focused and busy in this form of service you’ve chosen, very encouraging for me to do the same!! Keep up all your effort!

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